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When I purchased your stuffs.
Gosh. To tell you the truth,, i kinda worried with the payment and stuff..
But yet.. Youve been a GrEAT HELPer!!I will buy more afterwards ;]
Definitely loving Jin's ring that i got.
And now the ring is safely on my neck :)
Love ♥♥.

Thanks tsanny! =)
Earlier this year I purchased the Jin Gold Ring + Jin Black Leather Bracelet and both arrived in perfect condition, wrapped very neatly in bubble wrap with a little message inside~ the transaction was relatively easy via registered money post and updates were sent regularly on how the goods were coming along :D Postage took longer than expected but that wasn't her fault...overall, I'm pleased with what I've got ♥ Would buy from her again if she has some new stock again :DD
hey girl,
it was okay for all the cash transaction and all but it's just that it was quite scary when i was sending the money over and stuff^^ but guess it's okay^^
i haven't receive my stuff yet but it is through mail so i would receive it by mail like how i sent you the money^^
right? hee:)
Gotta say~~..... thank youuuu~~!!!
You're service was perfect, promt reply and good communication. You shipped the goods the very next day after I ordered that night and I received the Kame's tiffany bangle and cross necklace in perfect condition <3333

I'm definitely gonna buy again from you<3 hihihi.. please do stock more JE accessories hehehe

I've recieved the package! Thank you so much for it! I'm loving them~
Will buy from you again, though I remember seeing Jin's black leather bracelet being available and yet now it's not anymore. So does that mean you don't have it in stock?? I really want it >_
Great seller!
I got my accessories today, they came in a great condition and was packed nicely in cute boxes ^__^

I will definitely buy again if I find something more that I want

Thank you so much <3

Hey again,
I received the package today with the ring ♥ I'm so happy~ I've been looking everywhere for one of those russian wedding rings but they always sell them for something ridiculous like $40 in the city ><" As usual, fast shipping and the whole transaction was efficient! :D
Thanks again!
hiii! i just wanna let you know that my package came in great condition! although there was a delay - i dont mind because i'm a happy buyer! :)
hi! i got my package today!!! i love the accessories!!! thank u so much... i'm sure i'll buy something from you again :)
My package arrived yesterday. Everything was in a great condition, love all the accessories. This is the second time I'm buying from here and if I find something that I want I will definitely buy from you again.
Thank you so much :D
Bought Nino's red bracelet~ I really love it! *o*

I didn't mind the delays at all because it was a pre-order; especially since the shipping itself was fast. Everything arrived in good condition in a bubble wrapped package.

Thank you very much and I might come back to order from you again!
Everything was perfect. And it came within a day since we're in the same state XD

Sorry again for the confusion before.
great seller.
recieved it in good condition, prices were good and the packaging was cute ♥ will definately buy from here again.
I got the package and they came in a great condition
and I will come back to order from you again ^.^
Received my necklace today!
Wonderfully packaged!
Definitely coming back! ^_^
Thanksss! :D
:) Despite having a small mix-up with the order, everything still came in perfect condition and i'm still very happy with the overall outcome and the speed at which everything arrived!
Purchase received
I received the package in good condition..great communication with the seller. Thank you so much :)
Friendly seller honest and very communicative about small delays. The bracelet is cute! Would buy from again without hesitation.
Hello! ^^ Firstly we have some e-mail-problem, right? ^^; I still don't know why i didn't get your mails, but after everything solved. ^^
I got my package yesterday in perfect condition! :DD
I really love this Majo Saiban ring, it's better then i imagined. Thank U!
If i get some cash, i'll buy again something! :)
Today i received my purchase!! I want to thank you!!
I love my items! =)
Thank you so much <3
I was impressed with how patient Tsanny is with my enquiries and the setbacks I had with my payment. After that, it was nice to have frequent updates of the item's status before it finally reached me :) Throughout the exchange, there was nothing but kind courtesy and helpfulness :) Thanks so much :D
Received my package today =) All in perfect condition & in individual zip bags. Thanks so much!
Will you be taking orders again soon?
Anychance you've found a new supplier for the RnK earrings? Really want those <3