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~ Selling Kame's ORIGINAL BEAMS dico kick hairband ~


Due to the popularity of the BEAMS Hairband, these are now sold out in Japan. We managed (luckily) to get a hold of the following hairband from the official BEAMS store in Japan. Below is a photo of our latest collection and quantity in stock. Once sold, we will not be able to re-stock these items.

BEAMS collection 2015 - iyoukoso

The hairbands/bangles were imported directly from Japan and comes with original BEAMS packaging. To compensate for the conversion fees, shipping fees from Japan to Australia and the bank transfer fees, the best we can offer to everyone is AUD35.95 (Originally the cost of each is around AUD40).

If interested, please provide us with your details, as follow:

Email Address:
Country & zip code:
Colour that you want to order: ie Black, White, etc
Payment method: paypal, cash
Shipping method: Regular or Registered

NB: If paying in cash, we can only accept AUD at this stage. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

a) Transparent Silver - ONLY 2 LEFT.

b) Gold - ONLY 1 LEFT.

c) Transparent Pink - ONLY 1 LEFT.

d) Black - ONLY 1 LEFT.

e) White - ONLY 2 LEFT.

f) Black & White Stripe - ONLY 1 LEFT.

g) Rainbow - SOLD OUT.

h) Transparent White with Stars - ONLY 2 LEFT.

i) Non-transparent Pink - ONLY 1 LEFT.

j) Black with Stars - SOLD OUT. Only replica version left.
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Hi, thank you for your interest.

Based on today's rate, it would be approx. USD31-32 each (excl shipping)

Cheers ^^
Hey, I'm interested in a black and white stripe one, how much would the total be if shipping to Canada and paid with paypal (cc)? thanks
Hi thank you for your interest. The total cost including shipping at normal mail, packaging and paypal fees = AUD42.50 (after discount) :) Originally it would be AUD45.50

Please let me know if you're interested as stock is running low :)

FYI, our paypal account is youkoso2009@hotmail.com

Thank you
Country & zip code: USA 94061
Colours: 1 Gold, 1 Transparent Silver
Payment method: paypal
Shipping method: Registered

Can you invoice me at onelastdream at gmail dot com please?

Thank you.
Hi, thank you for your interest. we've sent you an email with the details. please let us know your thoughts soon.

Thank you :)
Hi there.

Thank you for your interest. I've worked out the total cost for you including shipping at registered mail, packaging in padded bags and paypal fees. Total comes to AUD97 (after discount).

FYI, registered mail itself cost approx. AUD19-20.

If you prefer normal mail, the total cost would be AUD86.50 (after discount).

Let us know which you prefer. Also, would this be the same email address that we should send the paypal invoice to?

Thank you :)
Oh, it's too late...

Are you going to sell them again?
Hi thank you for your interest. Actually we still have some in stock, so if you let me know which colour & quantity you want, together with the following details, we can work out the best price for you :)

- Country you're from;
- Payment method (eg paypal or cash); and
- Shipping method: normal mail or registered post.

just wanted to know if the Gold one is still available?
if it is, how much is shipping to the UK? :D
Name: Katie Robinson
Email Address: akame1582@hotmail.co.uk
Country & zip code: UK & B26 3SR
Colour that you want to order: Gold
Payment method: paypal
Shipping method: Regular
i'm sorry but we just sold the gold one. What we do have is the replica version. We sell the silver, gold and pink replica version. If interested, I can send you the photos. Just leave me your email address ok?

i want to order yamada ryosuke beams in crown hairband and kame transparent silver dico kick hairband.
can i know the yamada's hairband is original or replica?
Hi there

Thank you for your interest. I assumed that you are interested in the Kame BEAM bangle - original one.

In relation to Yamada's BEAM bangle, at the moment this is only in replica version but I can see if I can find you the original one if required.

When you reply, if you could please provide us with the requested details, that would be most appreciated as we can work out the total cost for you.

Thank you
Hi there

To order, we just need you to provide us with the following details. We don't have all of the above in stock. Depending on what you want, we can order it for you (subject to availability). We also sell replica versions. Please visit http://tsanny.livejournal.com/7131.html for details.

Email Address:
Country & zip code:
Colour that you want to order: ie Black, White, etc
Payment method: paypal, cash
Shipping method: Regular or With tracking

I'd like to buy Kame's black beam. Isn't too late?

Hi there

I sent you a message regarding the same. In summary, yes we still have the black one left. If you can please leave a message here with the following details, that would be great.

1) Name:
2) Email Address:
3) Country and zip code:
4) Items that you want to pre-order:
5) Payment method: paypal, cash
6) Shipping method: normal airmail or registered mail

Is there still a gold BEAM hairband available? I don't see them on the site, I'm hoping you still have one left but I know that I am probably way too late XD
Hi there

Unfortunately we just sold out of gold ones. We can see if we can order it for you but might cost a little more :p

Otherwise, we do have the following left if interested:

1) Black
2) White
3) Silver
4) Transparent Silver with Stars

1) Gold
2) Transparent Pink
3) Transparent Silver
4) Silver
5) Black with stars

We look forward to your reply.

Kind regards
How many you have stock?
I would like to buy all color you have.

I need to re-collection replace loose after moving to new room.

This post too old over 4 years but I still have a HOPE!!!

Waiting good new from you.

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Re: How many you have stock?
Hi akumakun06

Thank you for your message and interest in our product.

We do still have these BEAMS bangle in stock but most of which I only have one of each left. I will update this post with the latest collection and you can let me know which one you want.

May I ask where are you located and are you hoping to mail the items with normal mail or express with tracking? I assumed you will be paying with paypal too. I can work out the total cost for you in USD/AUD.