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Keds Sneakers American Limited Edition

[Pre-order] Keds Sneakers American Limited Edition, direct import from HK (invoice will be provided where made available)

Submission Close: 30 August 2015. Delivery around mid-Sep 2015.

Keds collection, so comfortable & quiet with a soft rubber sole. A iconic style, so fashionable that every girl will want one in their wardrobe smile emoticon

Product of America

Size available: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40. For wider feet, suggest that you order a size up.

Colours available: White, Red, Light Green, Black, Navy, Light Green (dots), Navy (dots)

Price: AUD55 (before shipping). Can work out the best shipping cost if required.

Available for worldwide shipping.

*Subject to availability.
*Price might change or get updated. Please leave a comment or email us for any enquiries.

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